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Solar is under attack in California. Please sign the CALSSA petition!

16 Nov 2021 9:07 AM | Anonymous

Solar is under attack in California and the California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA) is fighting back.  Please sign their petition HERE.

California is a solar state where power from the sun belongs to everyone. Our commitment to growing local rooftop solar is critical to meeting our ambitious clean energy goals.

Popular policies like net metering helped California reach one million solar rooftops and are growing solar in working and middle-class neighborhoods, which make up nearly half of all new solar installations.

Big utilities are standing in the way of California’s progress. They are lobbying the CA Public Utilities Commission to add a $65-90 monthly solar penalty fee to their energy bills and drastically reduce the credit solar consumers receive for selling the excess energy they produce.

This is an effort by utilities to grab more profits at the expense of the public. The utility profit grab is out of line with California’s clean energy vision. It takes us back to a time when solar was only affordable for wealthy households. It would also cost California tens of billions over time and each ratepayer $295 a year.

Californians are counting on you to support rooftop solar and stop the utility power grab. Keep California a solar state by protecting the successful policies that are driving our success.

REIA- NM    PO Box 27179    Albuquerque, NM 87125    info@reia-nm.org

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