REIA-NM Annual Meeting January 19th @ Rio Bravo Brewery

Please join REIA-NM at the Rio Bravo Brewing Company 12:00-3:30 pm:  Vendor Trainings 4:00-6:00 pm:    Annual Meeting Everything Storage The storage market is emerging in New Mexico.  Find out about the latest equipment and PNM’s interconnection process. Attend training with Unirac, LG Chem, and Solar Edge to learn about the latest technologies.  Stay for the annual meeting!  Or just attend the annual meeting, find out what your trade organization has been doing for you!  Vendor Presentations:  12:00-3:30 pm 12:00 – 1:30: UNIRAC Factory Tour @Unirac 1:30 -2:30: Solar Edge, Integrating Batteries @ Rio Bravo Brewing Company 2:30-3:30: LG Chem, The Latest Battery Technology @ Rio Bravo Brewing Company Annual Meeting @ Rio Bravo Brewing Company:  4:00-6:00 pm 4:00: Mixer & Membership sign up 4:30: Rachel Hillier, Executive Director,  2017 Report 4:45: Judy Hendricks, New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program 5:00  Mark Geiser, EMNRD, The State of Solar in New Mexico 5:15:  Alaric Babej

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Solar Fiesta and Community Fair 2017


Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits Leadership Level: Top sponsor placement in all print and on web site. Full page color ad in program. Five (5) Fiesta shirts w/logos and names. 10’x20′ booth space. $5,000.00 tax deductible sponsorship. Support Level: Middle sponsor placement in all print and on web site. Half page color ad in program. Three (3) Fiesta shirts w/logos and names. 10’x10′ booth space. (Upgrade to 10’x20′ at 50%) $3,000.00 tax deductible sponsorship. Associate Level: Lower sponsor placement in all print and on web site. Quarter page color ad in program. Two (2) Fiesta shirts w/logos and names 10’x10′ booth space. (Upgrade at 75%) $1,000.00 tax deductible sponsorship. ___________________________________________________________________________________ The sponsorships will help pay for the cost of advertising, the program, tee shirts, etc. The program will be a special print version of the “Sun Paper” in full color and will include the advertising for the sponsor as outlined above.

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NCREB Funded Solar Energy Projects

Albuquerque RFP

The City of Albuquerque Purchasing Division is seeking sealed electronic bids for the following goods and/or services by the designated times and dates: RFB#: P2017000030 Description: New Clean Renewable Energy Bond (NCREB) funded Solar Energy Projects Due by Date and Time: Wednesday, July 5, 2017 @ 4:00 PM BID FORMS AND INFORMATION CAN BE ACCESSED AT For additional information or questions, contact the City Purchasing Office at (505) 768-3320. For TTY call (505)768-2983. Thank you, Jenny Ramirez Assistant Procurement Officer City of Albuquerque One Civic Plaza Dr. NW | 7th Floor, Room 7012 Telephone: 505-768-3330

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Renewable Energy Day was a huge success

Renewable Energy Day

We would like to thank the Santa Fe Sustainable Everything Advocates and New Mexico Solar Energy Association for sponsoring the 2016 Renewable Energy Day event in Santa Fe last Friday. It was a huge effort and success. So thank you, thank you! And thank you to everyone who came and helped make it the success it was. Old friends and new faces coming together to show the policy makers in Santa Fe that renewable energy is a priority of their constituents. That their voters firmly believe solar, wind and the rest of the renewable energy sources this state is so rich in, should be utilized to improve the lives of all New Mexicans.    

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Renewable Energy Day 2016

renewable energy day

The 2016 Renewable Energy Day is coming up on January 29th and REIA-NM is looking forward to seeing you there. This year it’s being held at the New Mexico Capitol building in Santa Fe. This event will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. SFSEA (Santa Fe Sustainable Everything Advocates) and NMSEA (New Mexico Solar Energy Association) are co-sponsoring the event this year and they’ve chosen  “The Future of Sustainability in NM: Global Carbon Reduction Starts at Home” as its theme.   We will  be speaking with members of the legislature about the extension of the NM solar tax credit, which is due to expire at the end of 2016, House Bill 26, sponsored by Representative Sarah Maestas Barnes and Senate Bill 13, sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart. Both bills can be found here: The goal for the day is to raise awareness about renewable energy

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As the Sun Sets in Nevada

nevada solar

In the latest news from Nevada, both the Alliance for Solar Choice and the state run Bureau of Consumer Protection have filed to delay or even alter the the net metering  ruling handed down on  Dec. 22, 2015 by Nevada’s Utility Regulation Commissions, PUC. If you are not familiar with the case, please feel free to catch up here– Click REIA-NM’s earlier articles on this story.   “The matter is larger than just one subset of residential customers getting a benefit that other do not,” said the filing from the Bureau of Consumer Protection. “This is a matter of integrity and honor that will severely damage the reputation of Nevada’s government and its ability to persuade customers to engage in programs in the future, if the perception is created that the commission will not honor or recognize deals prior commissions or legislatures once offered to encourage people to participate in

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Part 4- The solution, decoupling


This is part 4 of REIA-NM’s ongoing NM Rate Case series. Click here for part 1. Click here for part 2. Click here for part 3.   There is a situation where solar and electric utilities can be friends.  A different revenue model, called decoupling, allows utilities to profit from the number of customers served instead of the amount of power they sell.  This removes solar and energy efficiency as a threat to revenue.  It also allows utilities to increase profit by increasing reliability, efficiency, and service.  A decoupling regulation allows the utility to recoup fixed costs and ideally, earn extra rewards for achieving environmental targets desired by their customers.  California, where decoupling began in 1981, uses 55% less energy that the national average, even though the population grew.  A growing population means more customers to serve for the utilities.  California leads the nation in solar installations as well, and

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Nevada Regulator, PUC, Gets It Wrong, Big Time.

utility deathspiral infographic PUC

Nevada Regulator (PUC) eliminates “retail rate” net metering for new and existing customers.  This is probably the most anti-solar regulation that we’ve seen so far.  In New Mexico, current solar customers enjoy net metering, which means the solar generates electricity and then turns the meter backwards in an equal 1 to 1 rate exchange.  A system sized offset to annual usage means the annual electricity used is around zero.   Taking away net metering means that solar customers pay more for their electricity than the amount they get paid to generate it from their solar investment.  In Nevada, the proposed change from 11.6 cents per kWh to 5.5 cents per kWh is a big hit.  To make matters worse, the PUC approved additional fixed charges, a number the regulators left up to the utility to determine.  According to Greentech Media, “Solar companies say the changes will lower net metering compensation

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NM rate case issues and overview part 3

arizona rate cases

This is part 3 of REIA-NM’s ongoing NM Rate Case series. Click here for part 1. Click here for part 2. Currently, it seems a solution for the utility will be a fixed cost “fee.”  However, customers will have less incentive to use less energy, or invest in alternative energy.  Fixed fees only ensures the utilities can recoup their expenses and profit. It will not recoup the “costs” of rooftop solar or energy efficiency to the utility, it will just eliminate a projected long term problem that more and more solar customers present for utilities.  In what’s referred to as load defection, solar customers use less energy and pay lower power bills–so the financial forecasts for utilities looks grim.  In Arizona, for example, where utilities had an access fee imposed on solar customers and approved by their regulatory body, solar installations decreased by 96%. It devastated the industry, companies went

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NM rate case issues and overview part 2

PNM interconnections

This is part 2 of REIA-NM’s ongoing NM Rate Case series. Click here for part 1. Last year’s NM rate case, submitted by the utilities in New Mexico, asked to impose an “access fee” for solar customers. REIA-NM and a number of other organizations, successfully argued against such a traditional solution to the problems arising in and stemming from their traditional business model which has failed to adapt to new technologies  The utilities claimed that solar customers should pay their fair share for the electricity they use at night, when the sun isn’t shining.  However, this “fee” doesn’t recoup any real expense to the utility.   In New Mexico, solar energy generated by customers makes up less than 1% of total generation.  In addition, many studies show that the benefits that solar customers add to the grid  outweigh the additional costs any night time generation may cost. It is an

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