Hire a REIA-NM local solar company to install solar: ethical, accountable and professional

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It’s never been more important than now to hire a local solar company that’s also a REIA-NM member to install your solar system.

On March 8, 2018, the New Mexico Attorney General, Hector Balderas, brought a suit against Vivint Solar, accusing the company of unethical and unfair business practices.   According to KOB4, “The complaint states that Vivint goes to great lengths in advertising that it will design, install and maintain a Solar System for a customer for “free,” when in fact Vivint has “skillfully crafted, baited and set a ‘free’ trap.”

We should all know that nothing is free.  Yet, these door-knocking sales agents don’t sell solar systems, they sell electricity produced by solar systems.  Few customers understand the impact of the long-term contract until its too late.

Back in 2015, REIA heard members’ concerns and realized these door-to-door tactics might stain the good reputations of our local solar businesses.

REIA-NM actively addressed the issue in 2016. We worked with PNM to submit a bill to solve some of the customer complaints and enable solar customers to make informed decisions.

The resulting law, The Distributed Generation Disclosure Act, passed in 2017.  This law protects consumers through mandated disclosures.  After passage, REIA-NM worked with the AG’s office to craft the required form using disclosures already in use by local solar company REIA-NM member proposals and contracts.  (available here)

As local, ethical, and accountable solar professionals, our member companies only install systems that customers own.  The industry has been growing steadily since 2007 and has never seen a similar complaint.  Quotes are free and the resulting system becomes an asset that will generate power for 20 years.  Just like a kitchen remodel, customers finance these solar projects through financial institutions.  If you’re thinking about solar, understand the difference between owning solar, leasing solar, and purchasing solar power.  Consider hiring a REIA-NM member.  We won’t be knocking on your door.


  • “Consider hiring a REIA-NM member. We won’t be knocking on your door.”

    Once again, this simply is not true. Several REIA-NM members engage in canvassing practices, whether under their actual companies name, or under a “shell”.

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