Becoming a member of REIA-NM helps you stay informed

Be secure running your day-to-day business knowing that REIA is paying attention to the issues that affect you and your customers. REIA-NM members are working together to help create solar demand through pro-renewable energy advocacy, defending the industry against non-competitive policy implementation, and supporting the new energy economy jobs it creates for New Mexicans.

Why you should join now–

Help us advance renewable energy adoption in the state by removing market barriers. As the industry grows, it’s more important, not less important for you to join the association.  If you are currently working in renewable energy, or believe in renewable energy, or want to help create a new energy economy, then becoming a member today has more impact than ever. Together we can move forward into the new economy.

The relevance of our work in this dynamic marketplace only continues to increase as we find ways to build the renewable energy industry through smart policy and cooperation with stakeholders. We’re looking to lower soft costs through the simplification of the permitting process imposed by jurisdictions and HOAs. We’re pushing for the extension of solar rebates at the state level and continue to advocate for strong solar policies locally and nationally, including the extension of the ITC and the establishment of PACE in the state.

Your support is essential in creating a level of effective advocacy which you, your associates, employees and customers should count on. We are grateful for our members and hope you’ll see and continue to see a return on investment through our numerous benefits including;

  • Increasing political capital for renewable energy. United voices from local businesses, organizations, and individuals can win the attention of policymakers and steer the economy towards renewable energy and job creation.
  • Advertise your business. By joining New Mexico’s only industry advocacy organization, you can show your support for local, ethical businesses and reach customers through our new website and social media campaign. We’re developing more content and coalitions to join forces and mobilize the base, which includes your past and future customers.
  • ​​Networking Opportunities. Strengthen your connections within the industry. REIA events will include policy decision makers, political candidates, technical training, and end users. Stay up on industry trends, conferences, trade shows, fundraising events, and education sessions. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest policy news.

Being a member will help REIA do more, faster

Investment in REIA is an investment in your business, the solar industry at large, and a brighter, cleaner future for New Mexico. The only thing standing in the way of a New Mexico as a renewable energy leader is policy.  If there are ways we can improve your membership experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  As always, thank you for your support over the years – we look forward to working with you soon.

REIA-NM Membership Categories

 Voting Membership

Membership dues based on annual New Mexico revenue. Renewable Energy Contractors have the option to pay monthly or annually for a discount. Please contact REIA-NM for discount details.

Manufacturer/Distributor EntryLevel: $0 – $500K ($300 yr.)

Manufacturer/Distributor Bronze Level: <$1M -( $500 /yr.)

Manufacturer/Distributor Silver Level: $1-$5M ($1000 /yr.)

Manufacturer/Distributor Gold Level: >$5M ($2000 / yr.)

Manufacturer/Distributor Platinum Level: >$10M ($5000/ yr.)

Affiliate Entry Level: $0 – $500K: ($300/yr.)

Affiliate Bronze Level: >$1M ($500 / yr.)

Affiliate Silver Level: $1-$5M ($1000 / yr.)

Affiliate Platinum Level: >$5M ($2000 / yr.)

Contractor Entry Level: $0 – $500K ($50/mo.)

Contractor Bronze Level: <$1M ($100/mo.)

Contractor Silver Level: $1-5M ($200/mo.)

Contractor Gold Level: >$5M ($300/mo.)

Contractor Platinum Level: >10M ($5000/yr.)

Non-Voting Membership

Individual – $100

Student – $25