PNM Drops Solar Connection Fee

Unlike PNM’s previous rate request, which was rejected by the five-member PRC commission in May, the new case does not call for a new fee for solar customers to connect to the grid. The solar fee would have ranged from $21 to $26.

“We did not feel that it would be productive to include it in the refiled rate case given the need to implement the new rates in a timely manner,” a PNM spokeswoman said.

For the full application, please click this file-  04_Application (OCR)

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  • Willard Steinsiek

    The new rate increase simply does the same thing by shifting that amount to the base fee. Right now my monthly PNM bill is only $5.75 when my solar panels produce more than I use. After the new structure is in place, that will increase from 5 to $13.14 according to PNM, not including tax. That is close to $100 a year to be collected primarily from those who contribute to the electric grid rather than take from it. The clear purpose is to put the brakes on solar energy.

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