PNM shares 2017 Interconnection Data

PNM interconnections
2017 Interconnection Data now available–compiled by Alaric J. Babej, PNM Technical Program Manager, Renewables

PNM has shared their interconnection data as requested by members at our annual meeting.  Despite the elimination of the state tax credit, 2017 was another record year for the total number of interconnections through PNM with a total of 3529 interconnections, almost 25 MWdc installed.  Congratulations New Mexico Installers!


As you may or may not know, PNM has made progress in energizing their document processing procedure.  Please check out the Docusign System.  It’s important to provide PNM with your customers valid email address in order to keep this process moving smoothly.

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  • Colleen Pinchart

    The Washington State Housing Finance Committee offers financing for Renewable Energy Projects.
    Will New Mexico offer a similar program, or is there a program you can refer me to?

    ii. The Commission’s Sustainable Energy Trust (SET) provides low-interest loans for energy-efficiency or renewable energy projects. The Commission can finance up to $1 million at favorable interest rates (subject to underwriting). SET loans are typically issued for the following types of projects:
    1. clean Energy Projects. Eligible projects include wind, solar (including community solar models), biodigesters, biomass, combined heat and power or other clean energy technologies. Loans are available to property owners and developers, with the exception of single-family homeowners. Download our Clean Energy Fact Sheet (PDF)
    2. To request a Sustainable Energy Trust Application, please email

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