REIA Bill Tracker 2/1/2021

Energy Storage Tax Credit bill provides a 40% tax credit up to $5,000 with $1 million in annual funding for two years.  This bill is being pushed by REIA and is sponsored by Sen. Sedillo-Lopez.  I believe this bill will be introduced this week.

SB84/HB106, Community Solar Act: this bill is the latest attempt to pass Community Solar legislation.  This time there is input from a working group created by Senate Memorial 63-2020.  SB84 passed out of the Senate Conservation Committee with an amendment for utilities to have RECS generated by Community Solar projects.  The REIA board voted to support this bill with an amendment to lower the project cap size from 5 MW to 2 MW and no co-locating of projects.  The sponsors are Sen. Stefanics, Sen. Sedillo-Lopez and Rep. Roybal Caballero.    

SB132, Photovoltaic Systems in New homes:  this bill as indicated will require PV on new home construction using a formula of 1K per 1 Square foot (eg. 2 kW system for 2,000 square foot home).  It also would require a receptacle for an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger.  This bill is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Conservation Committee on 2/2, 9:00 am, but it is near the end of agenda of bills and probably won’t get heard that day.  The sponsor is Sen. Soules 

SB113, Wiring for Photovoltaic Systems: requires all new home construction to Include wiring for PV Systems:  As indicated, this bill would require wiring for PV, although it is thought that the bill might be better designed if it specified pipe instead of wire, as wire can vary based on system size.  It is also suggested that an electrical box that is compatible for interconnection be put in the bill to make the bill useful for the solar industry.  The sponsor is Sen. Soules

SB112, Sustainable Economy Task Force: this bill creates a working group for five years to develop a plan to transition the state away from reliance on natural resource extraction.  This bill is 4th up in the Senate Conservation Committee on 2/1 at 9:00 am.  The sponsor is Sen. Stewart.

Bills that are being followed by REIA, but we have not yet taken a position include:

 SB8, Electric Vehicle Charging Unit Credit, sponsored by Sen. Tallman.

SJR3, Environmental Rights, The sponsors are Sen. Sedillo-Lopez, Sen. Soules, Rep. Ferrary and Sen. Pope

SB93, Broadband Access and Expansion Act:  The sponsor is Sen. Padilla