#SaveSolarNM Needs You

Looking for a tax deductible donation to give to this holiday season? How about #SaveSolarNM, the campaign organized by REIA-NM, the Renewable Energy Industries Association of New Mexico? We are working to create jobs, build an industry, and promote clean renewable energy, while at the same time creating new power solutions for the health and future of all New Mexicans.

tax deductible donations #savesolarnm
What does that mean? It means that REIA-NM is finding solutions to make solar more available to more people, supporting the local renewable energy industry, and contributing to a cleaner, brighter future.
  • We engage in legislative action, lobbying for clean energy, and presenting bills to prolong the tax credits.
  • We engage utilities to find solutions so more customers can enjoy solar power.
  • We engage the public to inform them about issues that affect solar.
  • We track technological advancements in renewable energy.
  • Our members maintain ethical business practices.
But we can’t do it without you. This year, REIA and it’s coalition of organizations, all working to build and grow clean energy, will be finding ways to grow renewable energy in New Mexico, create more good jobs for New Mexicans, and take advantage of this state’s rich solar and wind resources.
Your tax deductible donations will make this happen. Help #SaveSolarNM today.

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