Saving Solar!

REIA fights for the right combination of technology, financial incentive programs, public interest, and environmental policies that support continued growth in the renewable energy industry, creating more jobs and a stronger economic future for New Mexico.

REIA Takes Action Through; Statewide Standards

REIA Statewide Standards committee has been meeting for two years to develop a simple permitting form that can be adapted for each jurisdiction’s use. The form covers photovoltaics and solar thermal. We are considering adding geothermal.

REIA PV Package V1.5
Solar Thermal
The Statewide Standards for Solar Thermal Committee is currently meeting weekly Thursdays at 4 PM to extend the permitting package drafted in 2010 for PV to include solar thermal. For more information you can contact Chair Kristy Dyer.

Current Reading for Statewide Standards for Solar Thermal: