PRC and Utilities

Decoupling Case 18-0043 (PNM Disincentive Mitigation):

Initial Order filed by the NMPRC March 21, 2018

The Decoupling Mechanism was not specifically adopted or endorsed in the last rate case.  It will be heard in a standalone case to address lost cost contribution to fixed costs.  If prepared correctly, this mechanism could bring the end to any threat of future net metering battles.  The filing dates will be announced in 2-3 weeks.

18-00043-UT Initial Order 


PNM Files Load-Following and Renewable Integration Cost Report

Detailed report with data showing electrical loads and the behavior of various generation resources in PNM’s portfolio. In color for graphics: PNM_Load-Following & RE Integration Report

2013 Renewable Energy Procurement Plan Case

PNM Advice Notice Nos. 458 & 459: AdviceNotice-458-459

PRC Recommended Decision: Recommended Decision – 2013 PNM RE Procurement

PNM Initial Filing: PNM Renewable Energy Portfolio Procurement Plan – 2013


Initial Briefs are filed. Please find Copies Below:

REIA: REIA InitialBrief 111811Final

AG/NMIEC: ag-nmiec-11-18-11_brief


NMIPP: 2011-11-18 NMIPP Brief in Chief

PRC Staff: 11-00265-UT Staff’s Brief

PNM: PNM_Initial_Post_Hearing_Brief

Testimony from intervenors has been filed , please find copies below

REIA: SadewicREIADirectTestimony 11-00265-UT.1003Final

NMIPP: 11-00265-UT Direct Testimony of R. Thomas Beach

PRC Staff: 11-00265-UT Direct Testimony of R. Dwight Lamberson

Santa Fe County: 10-3-11 Direct Testimony of Craig O’Hare 11-0265-UT