PRC and Utilities

PNM Files Load-Following and Renewable Integration Cost Report

Detailed report with data showing electrical loads and the behavior of various generation resources in PNM’s portfolio. In color for graphics: PNM_Load-Following & RE Integration Report

2013 Renewable Energy Procurement Plan Case

PNM Advice Notice Nos. 458 & 459: AdviceNotice-458-459

PRC Recommended Decision: Recommended Decision – 2013 PNM RE Procurement

PNM Initial Filing: PNM Renewable Energy Portfolio Procurement Plan – 2013


Initial Briefs are filed. Please find Copies Below:

REIA: REIA InitialBrief 111811Final

AG/NMIEC: ag-nmiec-11-18-11_brief


NMIPP: 2011-11-18 NMIPP Brief in Chief

PRC Staff: 11-00265-UT Staff’s Brief

PNM: PNM_Initial_Post_Hearing_Brief

Testimony from intervenors has been filed , please find copies below

REIA: SadewicREIADirectTestimony 11-00265-UT.1003Final

NMIPP: 11-00265-UT Direct Testimony of R. Thomas Beach

PRC Staff: 11-00265-UT Direct Testimony of R. Dwight Lamberson

Santa Fe County: 10-3-11 Direct Testimony of Craig O’Hare 11-0265-UT