PRC Rule Cases

NMAC 17.9.572 Rule Case (11-00218)

Motion for Rehearing Responses

Provisional response to NMIEC motion:REIA’s Provisional Response to NMIEC .12913Final

Provisional response to Joint motion:REIA’s Provisional Response to Joint Motion.12913Final

Initial and Response Comments – 2012 Comment Rounds:

REIA Response Brief: REIA’s Response Brief 11-218-UT.121012Final

REIA Post Hearing Brief: REIA’s Post-Hearing Brief 11-00218-UT112612

REIA Response Comments: REIA’s Response Comments.31612Final

Initial Comments: REIA’s Initial Comments.12712Final

Small Power Production Rulemaking

Proposed rule on Cogeneration and Small Power Production Rule 17.9.570

Response Comments (Sunspot): 12-332 Sunspot Response Comments

Initial Comments (Sunspot): 12-332 Sunspot Initial Comments

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: 12-00332-UT NOPR 09-27-12