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Preliminary 2015 New Mexico Solar Market Development Tax Credit data

It looks like 2015 was a great year for residential installations.


Just some tax credit letter info:

The 2015 tax credit applications that are complete should have the tax credit letter in the mail by January 20, 2016 with an expected receipt by January 30, 2016.

My queue is already growing for 2016 tax credits.  Your clients should be notified of their 2016 status late next week – January 15 – if they did not make the 2015 tax year cut-off.

The present plan is to start issuing the 2016 tax year credit letters in April 2016.


Attached Chart notes:

I have attached two charts – one showing data by county, and one showing utility service areas.

I have compiled the attached county chart showing most of the data for the New Mexico Solar Market Development tax credit for 2015.

This represents 86% of the data entered for the year.  I should be able to get a complete listing at the end of January.

Grant County is the new winner in the per-capita race, rising to the top of the chart. Way to go!

Bernalillo is the county with the most dollars spent, and Dona Ana and Santa Fe counties are also competing in number of systems installed in 2015. Sandoval county is closely trailing the top three dollar counties.


The utility provider chart should be of some interest. PNM has the largest number of installations in the state. Again, this is preliminary data and doesn’t represent the final counts.


Best Regards,

Mark Gaiser



Clean Energy Manager

EMNRD, Energy Conservation and Management Division

1220 South St. Francis Drive

Santa Fe, NM 87505


State of New Mexico, USA


Data for the New Mexico Solar Market Development tax credit for 2015.

NM 2015 tax credit

By Utility- Please click on the image for the PDF

2015 NM Tax Credit

By County- Please click on the image for the PDF


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