About us

The Renewable Energy Industry Association of New Mexico represents local, ethical, accountable, and professional renewable energy companies and the affiliate companies that rely on renewable energy industry sector growth.

New Mexico is now the best state in the nation for renewable energy, due to a combination of good policy, climate, and sunshine.  Developing the renewable energy industry in New Mexico means supporting the fastest job creating sector in the economy.  REIA-NM stands behind local businesses though smart policy formation, legislative support, pro-renewable energy utility regulation, smart reform, and market monitoring.  The Renewable Energy Industry Association seeks to grow local renewable energy business capacity to be able to plan and build New Mexico’s renewable energy economy.

Nationally, solar has added 2% in additional energy generation, yet employs twice as many workers as the coal industry and three times a many workers than the natural gas industry (Solar Foundation, National Solar Jobs Census 2017).  New Mexico currently employs over 2,500 renewable energy workers.

Join us today to support growing a local, innovative economy for New Mexico.