Advancing Renewables

Recent REIA Accomplishments

  • Worked with PNM, the Attorney General, legislators and other stakeholders to pass the Distributed Generation Disclosure Act in the 2017 legislative session. This state statue addresses deceptive sales practices by a few solar companies and helps to keep our industry healthy.
  • Worked with the Albuquerque city council to strike clauses in the Integrated Development (IDO) zoning overhaul that would have restricted the height and placement of solar systems in Albuquerque.
  • Supported efforts by Enviroment-New Mexico and other environmental groups in the city council that requires the city to have 25% of their electrical usage offset by solar by 2025. This has resulted in a number of local solar companies being awarded projects for this initiative. The city has since discussed interest in getting 100% of their electricity from renewable energy.
  • Worked with PNM to refine and automate their Interconnection Application process. This has resulted in a smother and quicker turn-around of applications and a better experience for our customers.
    Currently working on a Utility De-coupling initiative with various stakeholders with the goal of removing current utility dis-incentives to support distributed generation.
  • Supported efforts to remove the SPS Utility solar access fee in SE New Mexico. This access fee was recently removed by the PRC.
    Currently engaging with local environmental groups on at a monthly to work together on mutually compatible initiatives. This should prove beneficial for the solar industry in the 2019 legislative session.
    Engaging with PNM on a regular basis to ensure a good working relationship between the local utility and the solar industry.
  • Working with legislators, policy makers and other stakeholders on legislation that is favorable to the solar industry.
    Administering a grant from the Energy Foundation to advocate for the solar industry in New Mexico.